Working at the core of a client’s wealth management needs, SYKON Capital focuses on providing differentiated investment management solutions, with supplementary wealth and asset management services as needed.

We seamlessly integrate the work of our client’s other trusted advisors, such as tax and legal specialists, creating a comprehensive family office approach to wealth management and family financial planning. We take on the fiduciary role of implementing each client’s investment plan flawlessly. Additionally, we offer advisory services on outside investments, Investment Policy Statements, alternative investment due diligence. We also specialize in asset management services for institutional relationships, such as family offices, nonprofit organizations, foundations and endowments.


We are investors who believe in driving value by actively engaging

in the capital markets. We follow a data-driven, rules-based investment process that reflects our decades of experience in portfolio management, analysis, and execution. We believe in thinking progressively and taking a stand when the data demands, which our clients appreciate as a unique and fresh perspective.


Our Biologically Adaptive Portfolio models help manage behavior,

limit biases, and exploit inefficiencies, and we prioritize reliability, predictability, and consistency. Specifically, quantitative time series and cross-sectional asset analysis enable our portfolio process to make both strategic asset allocation and tactical asset allocation adjustments.


We utilize the scientific process and null hypothesis theory

to integrate core concepts of behavioral finance, portfolio management, and human physiology to understand how we react to the pain of loss and the joy of gains. This data series attempts to optimize portfolios for favorable forward-looking risk reward characteristics based on prevailing market conditions using a factor-based asset allocation.


By Integrating our unique Adaptive Volatility Analysis,

we can adjust the time frames in which we view the market and rebalance portfolios. This results in a more stable allocation during lower volatility periods and a more dynamic allocation during periods of higher volatility.


Our clients have come to expect and deserve decisions

that are based upon objective data analysis. When it comes to their portfolios, we believe that clients deserve better advice than canned generic responses about how “the market will come back.” Your assets are a tool to empower your life and decisions, not something that should keep you up a night.


Our regular market commentary and communication will articulate these decisions

and the data driving them, so that you understand everything that impacts our quantitative portfolio management process and your asset allocation. Ultimately, the use of our proprietary and unbiased process, our scaling methodology, and systematic rebalancing help manage downside risk as we pursue consistent, meaningful returns for our clients.

Own what is going up and not what is going down.

Limit the downside and let the upside take care of itself.

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